Technological solutions for nightclubs and pubs


Everything from the same place

HIOPOS offers you a complete solution to manage your business efficiently and profitably, adapted to the specific needs of your establishment.


Orders management

Management at the establishment

With our point of sale solutions, you can take orders from the POS or from mobile commands used by waiters. Additionally, we offer the option for customers to take their own orders directly from their mobile device by scanning a QR code that we provide at each table.


Boost management in your nightclub or pub with HIOPOS, our innovative software solution to take your business to the next level. Equipped with key tools, you'll be able to focus on what really matters. Explore how our software can drive your nightlife venue to success.

Organize rooms and terraces

Control occupancy, manage table/space reservations, view the status of each table and simplify the management of your business.

Tickets and drinks

Sell ​​tickets and drinks so that they can be consumed in the different areas.

Formats and combinations

Configure each product with different sales formats (bottle, glass, mixed drink, shot, etc...) applying, depending on these, different sales prices.

Stock by bars

Control the stocks of each area based on where the drinks are served from or based on where they are sold from.


Efficiency and customer satisfaction are essential to the success of your nightlife venue, be it a nightclub or a pub. Implement self-service solutions to streamline access to drinks and snacks, improving your customers' experience.

Easy implementation

You don't have to worry about complicated processes or high costs, an easy solution to implement.

Agile Sale

A faster sales and collection process will improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Greater space

It is important to optimize the available space to the maximum to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Best experience

An unforgettable experience for your customers, which will allow you to improve satisfaction and loyalty.


Boost your nightclub or pub with the modernity of QR codes on the tables! Offer your customers the possibility to explore the varied offering of drinks and food, place orders directly from their mobile devices and live a more dynamic experience than ever. Discover how our QR codes on tables are completely changing the way your customers enjoy your establishment.

Table rotation

The customer himself scans, sends the order directly and pays from his own smartphone.

Increase the average ticket

The system, while the customer is selecting the order, proposes extra products to complete.

Avoid mistakes

The customer selects the products and places the order himself, indicating what exactly he wants.

Improve the experience

Offer a new experience to your customers and provide satisfaction with a more agile service.


Table reservation management

Increase the accessibility of your nightclub by receiving reservations through any channel: via the web, via phone, through Google, etc. All the tools you need to manage your business in the most efficient way:

  • Single database. All the information in real time
  • Avoid no-shows by applying prepayment
  • Assign tables to reservations
  • Reservation confirmations and reminders
  • Smart waiting list
  • Customer information: preferences, assistance, consumption history, etc.
  • Integration with
book a table


Speed ​​up taking orders

All-in-1 terminal where you can order directly from the tables and pay from the same device.

Management of reserved areas and VIP tables

Define a minimum amount to ensure that a minimum amount is consumed depending on the table and a maximum to establish a maximum risk.

Advance payments

Ensure payments by collecting advances on tables and reservations before the night ends.

Drink combos

Sell ​​drink combos established or customized by the customer, for example a bottle with X soft drinks and being able to choose the quantities of each type of soft drink.

Table status

View the status of each month in real time, draw reports on the table's consumption, detect what is missing so that the minimum or maximum amount of the table is reached, etc.

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Get ready for the party of the year!

The best music, the most vibrant atmosphere and surprises that you cannot miss.

disco grupo amigos


Create a more direct relationship with your clients and attract new ones

Segment the contacts in the Database and create different mailing lists according to your interest.

Next, create marketing campaigns and send news and upcoming events to your contact lists.


Inventory management

HIOSTOCK allows quick and easy management of purchases, sales, inventories and transfers, in addition to automating daily inventory, maintaining stock levels and allowing item analysis to improve business management.

bebidas stock
camarero detalles website


Create and design your website to boost your business

Discover our platform designed so that you can create and customize your own website, which will adapt perfectly to all devices without requiring programming knowledge. Simplify the design using predefined blocks and customize colours, images and texts intuitive way. Additionally, it includes modules such as:

  • Online Booking
  • Interactive menus
  • Photo galleries
  • Promotions
  • And much more!

Payment Methods

HIOPOS accepts multiple payment methods

Offer your customers different payment methods integrated into the POS, such as paying with a credit card directly from a PINPAD or a command terminal, with cash, either with a cash drawer or a smart drawer like CashDro or the customer from their own smartphone. of reading a QR on the table.


Know your business

Thanks to our platform, you will be able to access the most relevant information about your business in real time. This will allow you to make informed and strategic decisions to improve the profitability and performance of your company.

analytics mobile









Top employees






BackOffice Management

HIOFFICE is our ERP for comprehensive business management with which you can remotely and centrally configure and manage one or more establishments immediately and from any place and device. It is the ideal solution for business management that is fully scalable and adapted to each type and size of business, which speeds up tasks and improves the company's internal processes.



There is still more to discover

Purchasing and sales management

Keep track of your business's stock in real time.

Employee management

Plan staff schedules, work shifts, access permissions, etc.

Loyalty and marketing campaigns

Strengthen the relationship with your customers to retain them and increase their loyalty

Offers and promotions

Optimize promotions and increase sales efficiently.

Accounting and Finance

Make effective financial decisions with precision, control and agility


Perform commercial transactions between companies, improving efficiency and collaboration


The smartest solutions for your business

Discover how we can help you achieve your business objectives with our high-quality solutions.

Soluciones HIOPOS para disco/pubs


Point of sale software for managing your pub disk.


Screens for order preparation management.

HiOffice and analytics

Business management software with data centralization and statistical reports.


Waiters can take notes from the tables, check item and customer information, and total and collect the bill from the same terminal.


Printer integrated into the POS that can be used as a ticket printer or kitchen printer.

Cash drawer

Complement for POS with secure compartments to store money in an organized way.

Online Ordering

Offer an online service so that customers can view the menu, place orders and receive them directly at home or pick them up at your establishment.

Table reservation

Your customers can reserve a table at your establishment easily and from any device.


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