Technological solutions for ice cream parlors


Everything from the same place

HIOPOS is an efficient and simple tool that allows you to manage your ice cream shop effectively. It is designed to adapt to any size of business and its needs to facilitate your daily life.


Our point of sale solutions allow you to take orders from various environments, such as from the counter with a point of sale, at the tables themselves with mobile waiters, self-sales kiosks or in addition, the customer can even take the order himself by reading a QR code from the table!


Transform the management of your ice cream parlor with HIOPOS, our innovative software solution. With all the key tools for sustainable growth, you can focus on what really matters. Explore how our software can elevate your ice cream business with complete confidence and serenity.

Extras and modifiers

Add extra ingredients to your items with or without a price increase.


Choose the different bases (cup, tub, cone, etc.) and the sizes and units of balls proportional to the base.


HIOPOS provides tools to know and consult your customers’ preferences.


Check the allergens from the sales screen to inform your customers at the time of the sale.


Efficiency and customer satisfaction are essential to the success of your ice cream shop, and an effective way to achieve this is through self-service kiosks. With these kiosks, customers can customize their orders, based on their preferences, quickly and easily, improving their experience and satisfaction.

Elimination of communication errors

By allowing customers to enter their own orders, the chance of miscommunication between staff and customer is reduced, improving order accuracy.

Reduction of waiting times

Kiosks help spread the workload during periods of high demand, allowing more customers to place orders simultaneously.

Offers and promotions

Kiosks display special offers, promotions or product suggestions, which can increase sales.

Resource Optimization

By integrating kiosks, you can redeploy your human resources to tasks that require a more personal touch, such as food preparation and customer service.


Optimize the management of your ice cream parlor with our commander. Simplify order taking, streamline communication between service and kitchen staff, and improve your customers' experience.

Efficient order taking

Send the order from the same commander to the preparation area and charge directly from the same commander, reducing waiting times and faster table rotation.

Minimize errors

Avoid incorrect interpretation of handwritten orders and reduce errors in order taking, improving customer satisfaction.

Consumption record

It allows real-time monitoring of ingredient consumption, facilitating inventory management and avoiding product shortages.

Personalized attention

Commanders facilitate personalized order taking by allowing servers to collect information about specific preferences and dietary restrictions directly from the customer.


Allow your customers to scan a QR at the table and access the full menu, place their orders from their mobile devices and enjoy a more agile service than ever. Discover how QR at tables is transforming the customer experience.

Table rotation

The customer themselves scans and sends the order directly to the kitchen and pays from their own smartphone.

Increase the average ticket

The system, while the customer is selecting the order, proposes extra products to complete.

Avoid mistakes in the kitchen

The customer selects the products and places the order himself, indicating what exactly he wants.

Improve the experience

Offer a new experience to your customers and provide satisfaction with a more agile service


Inventory management

HIOSTOCK allows quick and easy management of purchases, sales, inventories and transfers, in addition to automating daily inventory, maintaining stock levels and allowing item analysis to improve business management.

helados stock


Order preparation management

You will be able to manage and organize incoming orders more effectively, improving waiting times and streamlining services.


Efficiency in preparation

Orders arrive at the preparation area detailing the type of base + balls and flavors + accessories.

Avoid processing errors

The orders reach the preparation screens or printers in a clear and instantaneous way.

Stock control

Based on the preparations, the system predicts when there will be a lack of stock and automatically makes purchase forecasts.

Services at the table

The preparation area instantly receives orders placed from the tables, thus reducing waiting times and providing better service and satisfaction.

Mujer ordenador website builder


Create and design your website to boost your business

Discover our platform designed so that you can create and customize your own website, which will adapt perfectly to all devices without requiring programming knowledge. Simplify the design using predefined blocks and customize colours, images and texts intuitive way. Additionally, it includes modules such as:

  • Online Booking
  • Interactive menus
  • Photo galleries
  • Promotions
  • And much more!

Payment Methods

HIOPOS accepts multiple payment methods

Offer your customers different payment methods integrated into the POS, such as paying with a credit card directly from a PINPAD or a command terminal, with cash, either with a cash drawer or a smart drawer like CashDro or the customer from their own smartphone. of reading a QR on the table.


Know your business

HIOPOS offers default information dashboards with which you can consult all the information about your ice cream shop in real time and from anywhere to make decisions based on real data. Additionally, for those who need more information, there is an advanced option to create customized reports.



79.082,38 €

Ice cream shop 1

78.877,79 €

Ice cream shop 2

54.828,79 €

Ice cream shop 3





Top employees






BackOffice Management

HIOFFICE is our ERP for comprehensive business management with which you can remotely and centrally configure and manage one or more establishments immediately and from any place and device. It is the ideal solution for business management that is fully scalable and adapted to each type and size of business, which speeds up tasks and improves the company's internal processes.



There is still more to discover

Purchasing and sales management

Keep track of your business's stock in real time.

Employee management

Plan staff schedules, work shifts, access permissions, etc.

Loyalty and marketing campaigns

Strengthen the relationship with your customers to retain them and increase their loyalty

Offers and promotions

Optimize promotions and increase sales efficiently.

Accounting and Finance

Make effective financial decisions with precision, control and agility


Perform commercial transactions between companies, improving efficiency and collaboration


The smartest solutions for your business

Discover how we can help you achieve your business objectives with our high-quality solutions.

soluciones hiopos


Point of sale software for managing your ice cream shop.


Screens for order preparation management.

HiOffice and analytics

Business management software with data centralization and statistical reports.


Waiters can take notes from the tables, check item and customer information, and total and collect the bill from the same terminal.


Printer integrated into the POS that can be used as a ticket printer or kitchen printer.

Cash drawer

Complement for POS with secure compartments to store money in an organized way.

Online Ordering

Offer an online service from your ice cream shop so that customers can view the menu, place orders and receive them directly at home or pick them up at your ice cream shop.


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