More innovative and efficient kiosks, card payment



Designed to meet all your needs

Payment method

Charging for products or services by credit card.

Improve your kiosk

You can incorporate different accessories to your Kiosk.

Where you want

Different types of installation, wall, floor, pedestal...

Operating system

Install your Android or Windows unattended sales software.

Easy to use

Large format touch screen to guide the user.

24h / 365 days

It works autonomously and uninterrupted.

Personalization, efficiency and customer satisfaction

It allows businesses to customize their product images and branding style, and offers customers a convenient and streamlined ordering process.

Additionally, it reduces the margin of error by allowing customers to interact directly with their order and improves order flow.


You can install T-Kiosk Model 1 on the wall, standing on the floor or on a desktop stand.


With built-in back panel for easy installation on the wall of your establishment.


To anchor it in any part of your business thanks to the stainless steel bars on the floor and ceiling.


Column and robust design, to be placed anywhere in the premises and make the most of the space.


Kiosk with two 32” touch screens to increase sales in your business by two.


Types of Kiosks

Different models, for different businesses

Payment by card and cash

More information

Information point

More information

Self-checkout solution

More information


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