Installation Guide:



Installation Guide Screen   Sale Screen
  • Select the type of business that best fits your establishment.
  • The taxes are already configured.
  • Enter company data and select printout design.
  • Sellers creation.
  • Select items to sell from the built-in graphical gallery.
  • Enter prices.
  • Sales on hold to manage queues, rooms, tables, and bars.
  • Different rates for sale on the terrace, bar, tables...
  • Free price sale.
  • Price changes, discounts, subscriptions, invitations...
  • Multiple vendors with different permissions.
  • Tickets, invoices, void documents.
  • Simple process of splitting a sale.
  • Usage of item modifiers.

Statistics and graphs:

Statistics Screen   Graphs Screen
  • Fast filters: Week, Month, Year, Period.
  • General statistics: number of sales, amount and average sale.
  • Hourly Sales.
  • Sales Detail: Ranking of articles, families and sellers.
  • Sales by payment type, and vendor and payment type.
  • Audit: returns, discounts and invitations by seller.
  • Manage users.
  • Comparison between periods: units, amounts and daily average.
  • Taxes to declare.
  • Cumulative totals.

Cash control:



Cash Control Screen   Others
  • Cash inputs and outputs.
  • X report.
  • Closing cash Z.
  • Purchase: proposal for replacement since the last purchase.
  • Backup on USB stick.
  • Export sales in XML format.
  • Print control slip.
  • Stock control: introduction of purchases and stock calculation based on sales.
  • Timeclock control: track employee work hours.